71 by Index Fund Advisors IFA.com – Al Dunning and Monty Roberts on Western Reining and Mitch Bornstein of Last Chance Mustang

Horsemanship Radio by Horse Radio Network Episode 71 by Index Fund Advisors IFA.com Al Dunning and Monty Roberts marvel at these improvements in Western Reining. Mitch Bornstein of Last Chance Mustang. Ask Monty Tip: Horse Refuses the Jump 08-15-2016
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Al Dunning and Monty Roberts share their advice for those wanting to show reiners and cowhorses. These multiple world champions choose to train horses in the absence of violence or pain. Mitch Bornstein updates us on Samson, the Mustang that forgives and forgets his abusive past. Jamie Jennings reads a Monty's answer for the horse that refuses to jump. Listen in... 

Horsemanship Radio Episode 71 by Index Fund Advisors IFA.com - Show Notes and Links:





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  1. Thankyou for the inspiration .I live in England Dorset.Listening to Montys voice is in itself "therapy" its so soothing no wonder everyone wants to hug him and if I was a horse id be following him around all day! I think with jumping there are horses for courses and just like us they prefer one sport to another .Theyll do it try but its not their thing,Beyond the obvious physical limitations , and experience, coupled with what Monty said.Also there are occassions Ive watched showjumpers at county shows looking like zombies their eyes portray it all .Jaded and in need of a change, for a while at least.Incorporating an element of fun and reward even jumping alongside another horse or with the rider on foot over small poles maybe just letting the horse jump freely no pressure -leading over ditches and logs on different terrains . I think watching Lastic and Nick Skelton jump the record GB jump is well worth a look .Kind Regards Best Wishes Jane[ Fielder]

  2. Thank you Jane for the nice response to the episode with Monty. He appreciates it!

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