EQUUS University

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Who is it for?

Everyone! Young and old! There are lessons for children, adults, professionals and amateurs. Monty says “Adrenalin up, learning down. Adrenalin down, learning up.” Monty will give you the knowledge to convey to your horse a calm, confident leadership. This learning environment will have huge benefits for the non-equestrian as well. See your relationships at home and at work improve, just because you begin to be aware of how you communicate. The whole format is very easy to use, even if computers aren’t your thing!

What was Monty’s dream?

“My desire has always been to have the maximum positive affect on you and your horse. In 2004 we began filming thousands of hours of my problem solving demonstrations to be able to launch this tool in 2009 and share these skills with the world.

I am fortunate to be able to teach people, on every continent, to have better communication skills with their horses. I have learned what a horse needs in order to trust you and to be a Willing Partner. And I want to share these skills with you.” ~Monty

What does it cost?

Monty priced his Uni for everyone to be able to afford it. It is only $59.99 for a six-month subscription or you can choose the twelve month option at $99.99 for unlimited access to a wealth of information from arguably the world’s best horse trainer.

What will I learn?

No matter what your background with horses, Monty guarantees that his ideas and techniques will change how you and your horse learn. Monty created a hugely varied syllabus that he is constantly adding to as he trains new horses and has breakthrough ideas. There is a new lesson added EVERY week! See below in great detail.

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