80 by Index Fund Advisors IFA.com Hope and Healing’s Jennifer O’Neill, Young Rider Mentor, Barrel Racer Maren Luedemann

Horsemanship Radio by Horse Radio Network 80 by Index Fund Advisors IFA.com Hope and Healing's Jennifer O'Neill, Young Rider Mentor, Barrell Racer Maren Luedemann 01-09-2017
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Jennifer O'Niell, famous for her role in The Summer of '42, starred opposite John Wayne in Rio Lobo. She now gives her time and heart to Hope and Healing at Hillenglade™ providing Military Veterans and their families the therapeutic wonder of horses. Maren Luedemann is a mentor, life coach, and 30+ years in horse training. Jamie Jennings reads Ask Monty about horses on roads. Listen in...

Horsemanship Radio Episode 80 by Index Fund Advisors IFA.com - Show Notes and Links:




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