72 by Index Fund Advisors IFA.com – Dr. Veronica Fowler: Study Shows Join-Up Benefits Horses

Horsemanship Radio by Horse Radio Network 72 by Index Fund Advisors IFA.com Dr. Veronica Fowler's study reveals Monty's Join-Up is better than traditional methods for the welfare of the horse, in particular the first saddle and rider. 09-5-2016
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Anthrozoös published a comparison of the Monty Roberts technique and a conventional UK technique for initial training of riding horses. The study was presented at the International Society of Equitation Science (ISES) and presented at the Centre for Animal Welfare & Anthrozoology and the Department of Veterinary Medicine University of Cambridge. Jamie Jennings reads Monty's answer: My Western horse's gait is rough. Listen in...  

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  1. It's about time they wake up. I am so happy that they are taking steps to help horses and people to become when communicating. I live in Louisiana and the way I see people treat horses here feels like I live in a world that won't change for the better. I think God forgiving me a man who has a blessing of a gift to be able to help my horses and my friends horses at least these horses what no love and kindness thank you mr. Monty Roberts

  2. Thank you for being a voice for the horses too, Lynn!

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