Horsemanship 68 by Index Fund Advisors – Trainer Satish Seemar, Arthur Robinson Dixon From South Africa.

Horsemanship Radio by Horse Radio Network Episode 68 by Index Fund Advisors Satish Seemar, legendary trainer in Dubai and Arthur Robinson Dixon blind dressage rider from South Africa. 7-15-2016
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Satish Seemar describes why he broke with tradition for his love of horses. Since 1990 the ruler of Dubai has put Seemar in charge of his Zabeel Racing Stables, a world class racing facility. And Arthur Dixon describes how he is accomplishing mastery of riding dressage, though totally blind, with Soundscaping. Jamie Jenning reads Monty's Tip for purchasing a horse trailer.  Listen in... 

Horsemanship Radio Episode 68 by Index Fund Advisors - Show Notes and Links:

  • Show Host: Debbie Loucks
  • Photo: Satish Seemar at Zabeel Racing Stables, a world class racing facility.
  • Guest: Satish Seemar
  • Guest: Arthur Robinson Dixon





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  1. Hi Debbie plus all who help with and listen to your show!

    I'm the lady who "drove" Arthur to Monty's demonstration at Mistico Equestrian Estate near Cape Town, South Africa earlier this year. It was a wonderful experience for both of us and we cannot thank you enough for inviting us to stay for the actual show after Arthur's interview! It was AMAZING! I have been asked to briefly describe our experience until Arthur is able to tell his own story next week when he has a couple of well earned days off work.

    The opportunity to meet and speak to Monty Roberts, a long time hero of his since he was a young & enthusiastic rider slowly going blind, he says is the highlight of his life so far. They hit it off so well, it was beautiful for me to witness!

    Not only that, but also for him to meet & be interviewed by Debbie was hugely exciting! Her Horsemanship Radio programmes are a huge source of inspiration to him and are bi-monthly highlights to listen to! To have been interviewed by her was an unplanned but incredible experience for both of us. For Arthur, it meant he could freely express his thoughts & passion for his ideas to someone who was not only interested, but incredibly supportive. This allowed his deep felt, long & extensively researched passion to shine through in a way that I have not seen expressed by him so clearly before - I had goosebumps!

    Arthur could not stop saying what an incredible day it had been all the way home!

    Obviously Arthur could not SEE all that Monty did with the horses, but he amazed me with just how much he could hear! I'm not talking about Monty's explanations over the loudspeakers, or my comments to him during the quiet moments of what the horse & Monty were doing - I'm referring to his questions & comments to me regarding what he could hear from the horses themselves! I was gob-smacked to say the least!

    I doubt if many of us as sighted riders can tell which is a horses best "side" by just listening to the sound & rhythm of the hoof beats as each different horse canters around the ring! I certainly can't (unless the horse is lame!). He could tell those who were well balanced & those who were not. Also when they were starting to relax before they started to stretch down etc. It's like his riding - he has to rely on other senses to "feel" his horse - he is an interesting man to listen to and learn from.

    I have to say that for myself, I learned a lot from the show & the things that were said. I also learned so much from witnessing the enthusiasm & empathy shown to Arthur by Monty & Debbie. It was a lesson to me in "join-up for people" in practice. We need more people like them in our world!

    Thank you both so very much! Also to Kevin - he was a great & concerned BUSY host. Thank you too!

    Arthur will add his own comments next week - I hope you enjoy them.

    Best wishes to all
    Jo Keet

  2. Hi Again Debbie & co

    Just a quick "add on" to my comment above re: Arthur.

    I was supposed to meet with him today - Wed 27 July - to help him set up our dressage arena at Brunsi's (Arnim's Place Riding School) to test his "basin transistor radio system" for the first time and video the trial. The weather was perfect after the heavy & much needed rain of the previous day! Ground etc. was therefore perfect!

    Unfortunately Arthur had to attend a course for his work. He was seriously unimpressed, and said so in no uncertain terms! "I don't care about the overtime pay, I just want my day off!!".

    We have now scheduled a get-together between his schedule & mine for Thurs 4 Aug to get you his "own words" comments for you to moderate.

    We also hoping to do a video session of his first test of "basin radio sound stuff" on Sunday 7 Aug. Hold toes that weather is kind to us!!

    Thank you for your patience - much appreciated!!

    Best wishes Jo & Arthur

  3. Thank you Joanne (and Arthur too) for the great response above. And thank you for lending your time and passion for horses to Horsemanship Radio!

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